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SD241909.11—"Then and Now." [Felix, Tonx]

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 7:43am by Captain Felix de l'Isle

Mission: Admiralgate.
Location: Felix's Quarters
Timeline: End of Captain's Table

Only three of them looked set to make it to the hot tub. Felix had intended to surprise his senior staff: it was an innovation he had put forward with the latest refit under the catch-all title of 'complimentary recommendations'. It was his chief engineer – last seen near Regina, Harun and the gin cabinet – who had made sure each one of them was incorporated.

Regina Monkfish, who refused to immerse her feet in any water whose filtration system she had not personally overseen, continued to amuse the present company with recollection of her latest passion: atonal Yridian sea shanties. Mercifully they were more fable than warble.

Her audience had dwindled to one: Crewman Flarcess. A Yridian.

Tonx looked to Regina and then to Felix with a smirk as she lowered herself into the hot tub until the water came up to her neck. It seemed compulsory to let go a content sigh as she sunk into the hot water, and leaned her head back as she closed her eyes. "This… this was a fine idea, mon capitan." There was no way the cheeky Chief Sec was going to miss out on something so decadent, nor was she entirely surprised that Felix had something like this in his quarters.

Felix reappeared with two Corsaic spritzers. "Good team building, I thought. We'll all see one another naked out in the field. A certain someone already does."

As he passed Tonx her drink and chintzed the remaining glass together with hers, he shot a look at the nearest console. It blinked off almost shamefully.

"Enjoy your evening. Captain. Chief. Lieutenant." Perdita Animo's voice prickled. "And others."

"They're gone," said Felix, a moment later, with some confidence. He started to peel off his upper clothing slowly, releasing a similar noise to Tonx's as his jacket slipped. "Thank Edie for the hot tub. She insisted the apartment was too good not to have one, and she designed the schematics for the extension herself. I corrected some design elements, but... I've got the most luxurious captain's quarters in the whole o' the fleet." Rarely, when both inebriated and at ease, his accent slipped. Became a bit further away from town than expected; was a bit less varnished. "Far be it from me to question why."

Taking a sip of the drink Felix had given her, Tonx's gaze lingered on Felix's torso, her eyes drawn towards some of his scars. The man had a past, but didn't they all? "Does no good to question. Just be grateful, Cap," she replied with her characteristic and charismatic smirk. "Though. . .when you say the whole of the fleet, do you mean our new fleet, or the greater fleet?"

With drunken objectivity Felix sunk himself into the broth, replying in a similar vein.

"The greater fleet. We're not attached to Omega. Not officially – although I'd rather be," Felix added hastily. "I don't really know why that is, apart from the drive, and where they're sending us. Perhaps there's hope on the other side of the Beta Quadrant," he suggested.

Tonx laughed softly, "I shouldn't have asked the question because it's led us down the path of talking shop." She took a slow draw of her beverage, and closed her eyes as she savored the moment, "People don't know what they are missing by not being here." Resting her head back against the side of the tub, she then let her head flop towards Felix to look at him, "I might have to beg you to let me have a soak in here after each mission."

"You'd be welcome, Tonx. When you're not confined to quarters, that is." Felix spoke in a friendly way and dodged good-naturedly the resulting flick of water that headed towards his face. He settled, his glass only splashed on the outside by the dappled foam of the bath. As he did, his face seemed to reflect that he was somewhere else: relaxing his body while his mind chewed over something new. Oblivious, even, to his pal, protegé and, twice, lover and her advances.

Felix's teasing caused her to laugh again, and she shook her head, "Smart arse." She knew he'd take it as the jest that it was, and she was about to say something else when she saw him get a far-away look about him. She'd seen him with that look before, and tilted her head ever so slightly, "Where's that mind of yours gone, boss?"

Where had it gone?

"Slipstreamed to far away, it would seem.” His gaze came back to her. It was tricky not to; many people he knew had found themselves just drawn to Tonx. As his chief of security he’d seen her use it to her advantage, and as a barfly, more. “Do you think I’m becoming too serious in my old age? Ten years ago, we’d be on round three already and I’d not have cared who found out. Now, my head’s telling me that those boundaries exist for a reason. That you could’ve lost your commission lately, and that people even talking about this would screw up your career.”

-= Four months later =-

“Stop it,” someone said, and Felix wasn’t entirely sure if it was him or Tonx.

He was certain that, a number of months previously, he’d said it would screw up their career. And although he'd never tell her, the fact that they were now on the other side of the galaxy and well away from Starfleet jurisdiction had assuaged some of his worries, albeit not all of them. He and the Lone Star had been sufficiently chastised of late; he had no interest in losing his command.

But every good CO deserves a fuck every now and then, right? he mused to himself.

“Starfleet must never find out,” he said by accident, rolling onto his back and kicking something – whatever it was – off his desk. "My turn."

Tonx gave a sing-song laugh, "They won't hear about this from me." She placed her hands on his chest, giving him a knowing look coupled with that charismatic smirk of hers, "Besides, what else are we supposed to do when we're away from port for so long? Nothing wrong with scratching an itch, right? Just so long as we don't let it interfere with our duties."

"Correct." Felix winked. "Speaking of duties..." Neither of them heard the door chime when Zolog rang it. Lonie provided him with the customary 'the Captain is unavailable' chant and sent him on his way.


by Captain Felix de l'Isle and Lieutenant Greer 'Tonx' McKenna
CO and CSec, USS Lone Star


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