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Chief (CPO) Regina Monkfish

Name Regina Monkfish

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Chief (CPO)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Regina is average height but extremely angular, with a giraffe-like neck. Her movements are abrupt and precise, she swoops on dust mites like a leopard targeting prey. Many things, including a heron, have been pulled out of her voluminous hair. She has a pronounced New York drawl and sometimes it seems to take years before she gets to the point of her sentence (which is more than often pointless). Regina has a slow but fixed smile which she bestows liberally and is incomprehensibly irritating. Divorced six times, she wears each of her wedding/engagement rings on alternate fingers. Occasionally a reminiscent expression will possess her face as she considers, whilst filing, her six husbands.


Other Family Previously married to Messrs. Harpoon, Stickleback, Octopus, Algaenon, McArnh and Zigzag'eron.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Regina is organized to the point of hyper activity. On paper her secretarial skills are exceptional: filing, tidying, and cleaning are second nature, and Regina prides herself on her ability to claw order out of the most insane situation. Unfortunately, this drive goes beyond the bounds of human tolerance. Regina's obsession with the creation of harmonious, efficient, perfectly ordered systems registers itself in a sort of twitching frenzy. She is unable to stop until a job is exhausted. In the middle of filing, her face takes on an almost psychopathic concentration.

Even more irritating to those she 'assists' is Regina's ability to talk. Multi-tasking is often seen as a positive trait; in Regina, it is lethal. She does not term herself a gossip but is never backward in reporting what other people have been saying. Although she respects the ranking system as an expression of order, Regina will say what she thinks. If an office has not been hoovered, Regina will be the first to point it out.

Regina does not condone drinking as it is detrimental to the health. She insists that dietary needs are catered for and will complain if food and hygiene are not up to scratch. Although she has been divorced six times, Regina does not attribute this to any fault of her own, believing that her husbands were immature. She has returned valiantly to her own name. Regina has a tendency to think that men are after her.

Not naturally perceptive (although she does have an ear for scandal), Regina would be upset if she knew the true appraisals of her work and character. She still harbours dreams of returning, rich and married, to NYC, with herons in tow.
Hobbies & Interests Disinfectant, anti-vermin agents, multi-vitamin tablets.

Personal History The Monkfish parents were involved in diplomatic circles in NYC, Earth, and brought up their eldest child to follow in their footsteps. By rights, Regina should have been elegant, accomplished and married at an early age. Only the latter part of this was to come true.

The oldest of five children, Regina brought up her four younger siblings. Her house rules consisted of baths, hairbrush attack, washing, tidying, controlled diets, restricted access to toys and a general war on germs. She drove every one of her siblings mad in the process.

Realizing that Regina was never going to be the polished society wife they had hoped for, her parents tried another tack. Mr Harpoon, a family friend, was invited over whilst Regina indulged in a spree of spring-cleaning. Struck by the spectacular sight of the eldest Monkfish brandishing an iron, he proposed instantly. Sadly, the marriage did not last beyond two months, and Regina's siblings despaired as their newly divorced sister returned to the familial abode.

Failing at marriage, Regina's first job was orchestrated by her father in a desperate attempt to get his oldest daughter out of the house, and more importantly, away from the cleaning cabinet. She was posted to Washington DC, in the hope that her penchant for tidying would make her a suitable secretary. Although Regina's typing is inordinately fast, this was not enough to save her from the wrath of her superiors, who tried to escape at first by partitioning the offices and installing a phone line to talk through. Happily a more long term and people-distant scheme was propositioned when somebody realized that the official secrets documents had not been properly catalogued for at least the past hundred years. Regina was sent underground, and remained there for the next five years.

Toward the end of the fifth year it was becoming apparent that Washington was running out of secrets. A mass office conspiracy tried to invent a few more scandals to keep her down there another month, but Regina, by now a master in authenticating documents, was having none of it. Proudly, she returned to her secretarial job. After a month, Regina's superior retired due to ill health and a much whispered about mental breakdown. Regina waited for a new boss, but the post mysteriously disappeared overnight, and the young Monkfish was unemployed. She solved this dilemma by recruiting a second husband, Mr Stickleback, who had a fetish for red hair. This union lasted six months.

Faced with Regina's return, and having successfully married the second of the Monkfish clan, the diplomat parents made a subtle suggestion to their daughter that she might consider a career in Starfleet. Her cleaning skills would surely be appreciated in neglected parts of the galaxy. To the relief of New York, Regina agreed.

Training at the Enlisted Academy appealed to Regina, whose sense of discipline and organization were suddenly fulfilled. Less successful were her aspirations for social reform and her mission statement to the authorities, A Cleaner Environment for Workers and Civilians: Why Disinfectant Supplies Should Be Increased On Starbases. Approval for Regina's meticulous PA work rapidly disappeared.

Following training, Regina served on a series of vessels and bases. Her longest placement was two months, her shortest, forty-eight hours (the length of this assignment was due to a technical hitch which prevented her being beamed out earlier). Regina, blissfully unaware of the effect she was having on her superiors, assumed that her organizational skills were being circulated around the galaxy. She managed to orchestrate two more marriages (Captain Octopus and Ensign Algaenon) in the period before her posting to the USS Missionary. The last marriage failed the day Regina recycled her husband's porn collection in a bid to protect the environment. Regretfully, Regina returned once again to the name of Monkfish.

The USS Missionary position started badly and got worse. Regina began by posting the wrong presents to the Commander's wife and mistress, mistakenly assuming the wife would receive the more expensive gift. She ended her brief regime by dispatching the Commander's pet snake back to its home planet, in a large box devoid of air holes, and subsequently informing him that she had rid the ship of a dangerous wild animal. The box was tracked down, but the snake was dead. It never saw its home planet.

Regina's punishment was instant transferral to the USS Caledonia. Over the many months that Regina served, she wrestled with dirt levels never previously conceived, attempted to tame the ship's tiger and suicidal cat, and inadvertently married the Commander, Grey McArnh, who demanded an instant annulment upon regaining consciousness. Regina's final mission aboard the Caledonia resulted in the shearing of all her prized hair by the vindictive Calendula Friday, a memory which was so traumatic Regina decided she could no longer serve Starfleet.

She took an 18 month hiatus, using the time wisely: she recruited her sixth husband, Mr Zigzag'eron, and with him established a heron sanctuary at the Eden Project, Earth. Upon the marriage's regrettable end, Regina requested new assignment to a vessel with appropriate heron facilities. The newly incarnated Lone Star-XX was seemingly just the thing.
Service Record 236201.07

236709.10 - 238106.20
education in NYC

238107.01 - 238109.03
marriage to Mr Harpoon

238110.15 - 238610.12
cataloguing official secrets acts

238610.12 - 238612.02

238701.05 - 238707.03
marriage to Mr Stickleback

238709.10 - 238908.07
Enlisted Academy

238909.01 - 239503.22
various postings on ships/bases

239503.22 - 239510.30
marriage to Captain Octopus

239510.30 - 240402.14
various postings

240402.14 - 240403.21
marriage to Ensign Algaenon

240403.21 - 240503.30
USS Missionary

250504.01 - 240612.12
CO's Yeoman, USS Caledonia

240701.01 - 240806.01
marriage to Mr Zigzag'eron, co-director of heron sanctuary at the Eden Project, Earth

240807.01 - present
Hospitality Officer, USS Lone Star

promoted to CPO, Chief of the Boat