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Captain Felix de l'Isle

Name Felix de l'Isle

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue-green


Children None known
Father Graeme de l'Isle
Mother Monica de l'Isle
Brother(s) Commander William de l'Isle, USS Bellerophon

Personality & Traits

Personal History Early life
First child to Monica and Graeme and the older of two, the unfortunate truth was that his younger brother, William, was smarter, taller and much more likely to go far. Felix’s childhood was punctuated by rampant curiosity and poor behaviour. Convinced of his own academic lacking, he became servile and devoted to his brother. Being more street-smart and charming led him into the wrong crowd while his brother shone; antithetically he developed a scrappy countenance, learned how to triage himself after a bruise-up. His parents and model brother despaired.

On a split decision, aged 17, Felix signed up to Starfleet as a flight technician. Having taken to his craft abnormally rapidly the course administrator filed his details with the Academy. He was short-circuited to the officer programme shortly thereafter. Rapidly growing to become one of the fleet’s most promising pilots, his trajectory was only interrupted two years later by the arrival of his brother.

Will’s presence alone was enough to disrupt Felix’s new-found confidence. By now a third year, the older de l’Isle found his freshman brother sharing the front of the bridge with him. During one live-action simulation the brothers disagreed on a critical command call; Will overrode Felix’s call, torpedoing Felix’s final exam to prove a point. Over his final 18 months at the Academy the pilot flipped the finger to Starfleet and went his own way. Graduating in the middle order, he shrugged as he received his commission and turned up late to his new home, the USS Virginia. It had taken Starfleet six months to find him a posting.

Early service
Although brilliant, Felix’s tendency to question orders went a step too far. With two written warnings and a conduct unbecoming for beating up the XO the choices were officer rehab or civilian prison. SB Yakasi Mai, named for the 22nd-century prison reformer, housed both. Starfleet’s worst were the oversight of Lieutenant Grey McArnh, head of inmate operations, who took a shine to his curious human charge and helped him learn to control his rage. The men remain close friends, their careers often having tracked together from this point.

Re-earning his stripes at the dredge end of the fleet when he returned, de l’Isle became first helmsman, then head of flight operations on the USS Caledonia and Starbase BoB respectively – although not without one demotion. He fell in love with chief scientist Paxan Bray, beat addiction, adopted a dog (Lester, now aged 15) and made his way out of the gutter of the officer market.

Felix’s rise
Both he and Paxan were reassigned to Gamma Fleet flagship USS Artemis as its XO and Chief Science Officer respectively. Felix, aged 26, came to the realisation that he was unwittingly now on the command track. While his relationship with Paxan withered in the face of a the border patrol ship’s punishing schedule, a new one developed with his CO, Desiree Taliano. Significantly, he commanded the Artemis in a bid to rescue the Captain from a Romulan plot to paint her as a defector.

Commended for his ingenuity and valour throughout his two-year career on the Artemis, Felix became Starfleet’s surprise selection to command the USS Lone Star. At 28, the young de l’Isle became the fleet’s youngest captain, taking the Federation’s first field-tested slipstream drive and exploring the remote, the weird and the downright implausible. Ten years and two drive upgrades later, Lonie is on the engine’s third generation and has somehow, to date, bucked the trend of previous ships of the line: that is, it remains in one piece.

Events of note from the past decade include the assassination of his XO, Paxan Brey; the evacuation of Keraxi and other alien citizens from beleaguered territory during the proto-fascist Federation First insurgency; the removal of certain experts and high-profile individuals, whether willing or not, to a deep space assignment to assure their safety; an initial survey of the galactic core; the negotiations leading to the Achecarians joining the Federation; and, briefly, a promotion to Admiral, which lasted less than 70 hours.
Service Record SD239708.30 - Starfleet Academy (Helm)
SD240106.25 - promoted Ensign; assigned USS Virginia, Junior Conn Officer
SD240206.14 - 6 months’ rehabilitation/correction, Starbase Yakasi Mai
SD240301.15 - Ensign, Helmsman, USS Caledonia
SD240404.12 - Ensign, Flight Operations, Starbase BoB
SD240410.07 - Lieutenant, junior grade
SD240501.16 - Lieutenant
SD240505.14 - Lt Commander; assigned Flight Commandant
SD240510.28 - demoted Lieutenant [conduct unbecoming]
SD240612.10 - promoted Lt Commander, XO, USS Artemis
SD240708.19 - Commander
SD240807.01 - Captain, CO, USS Lone Star
SD241809 - relaunch