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“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – TS Eliot

You might have heard of the Lone Star. She’s infamous, mainly for being the first Starfleet ship to have reached her 20th incarnation. Every Lone Star before her met a sticky end so, when the Admiralty needed a designation for a brand new Insignia-class vessel back in 2408, they were hesitant to reinstate the name from the ship of doom.

But her crew of brilliant oddballs, under the captaincy of bad-boy-gone-good Felix de l’Isle, has managed to keep the Lone Star-S (yes – S) in one piece for the last decade. She’s home to those exceptional minds who don’t fit anywhere else. Perhaps they’re the proud owner of a colourful past; maybe their brilliance makes them incompatible with your average Captain; it might just be that they pissed off the wrong Admiral.

One way or another, they’re on a damned fine ship. If the situation requires lateral thinking and a dose of madness, it’ll be the Lone Star that’s sent to check it out. Her 2418 refit equips her with a third-generation slipstream drive, giving her quick access to the most weird and dangerous areas of space. She’s known to be capricious and has, on at least three occasions, developed a mind of her own. And more often than not, the mission doesn’t go to plan.

Whatever it is that gives the Lone Star its magic and madness, it works. She doesn’t quite fit anywhere, and neither does her crew. And that’s probably why we have a blast writing about her adventures.

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» The Lone Star is recruiting!

Posted on Fri Jan 18th, 2019 @ 7:38am by Captain Felix de l'Isle in General News

We're about a week or two out from testing the Lone Star's new slipstream drive and we can't wait to see what the outer reaches of the galaxy have in store for us! That said, we're a few crew members off our optimum complement. Here's a list of our open positions and an idea of the types of character that would suit them.

NB: We love our Omega Fleet pals, but at present we are looking for non-fleet simmers to bolster our ranks. We'll let you know when this changes. Thank you!

As the most senior enlisted crew member the Chief of the Boat, or CoB, directs all other non-commissioned personnel on board. Each department has its crewmen who manage functions and services as various as the armory, Arboretum, catering, waste, maintenance, cargo handling and the shuttlebays – and each of them reports to the CoB. Often this NCO is long in the tooth and somewhat intimidating, for whatever reason – even to some commissioned officers.

Chief of Communications
The Lone Star’s slipstream drive is set to take her to entirely new parts of space, where encountering new cultures and civilisations will be par for the course. With a gift for both xenolinguistics and cryptology, this bridge officer will also be responsible for maintaining contact with Starfleet Command, transmitting reports and receiving any coded orders.

The ship’s counsellor is responsible for the psychological wellbeing of the crew but also serves as an advisor to the CO in situations including first contact, diplomacy and social engagements. Although an empath would suit the role, its holder could equally have a unique interpersonal ability, or is the kind who can read others in some other way.

Chief of Operations
Operations is sometimes called the human side of engineering: the software to the latter’s hardware. But the chief of ops also handles logistics, deployment, usage of the ship’s systems and the allocation of resource, generally under the direction of the XO. With the Lone Star’s unique formulation, including its mission modules, and long-range mission profile, a rapid mind is essential for this bridge officer.

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» Preparing for relaunch!

Posted on Fri Sep 14th, 2018 @ 9:25am by Captain Felix de l'Isle in Out of Character

Hello, reader! Thanks for visiting the home of the USS Lone Star.

The Lone Star first flew in 2008 (or stardate 240809, if you're so inclined) and enjoyed a year's cruise with an excellent crew before time got the better of us all. Time flies, and after a decade we are keen to get her back into space!

This website is a work in progress as we fill in the gaps, contacting old crew and updating our technical specifications. We're keen to hear from anyone who'd like to write as a part of this zany game – so, please, drop us a line if you're interested and let's talk about how you can join in.


Latest Mission Posts

» 'Admiralgate.' [all hands]

Mission: Admiralgate.
Posted on Sun Aug 4th, 2019 @ 8:12pm by Captain Felix de l'Isle & Commander Casparo Zolog & Chief (CPO) Regina Monkfish

“As it happens, Admiral: yes. I can see how this is rather awkward.”

Felix was an experienced officer when it came to the stifled giggle. He had masked a couple away without due notice of JAG; a few had wafted past suspicious ambassadors. On one occasion he’d smuggled a smirk…

» 'Gizmos on the Nacelles.' [Felix, Burgundy]

Mission: Admiralgate.
Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 2:09pm by Captain Felix de l'Isle

-= Bridge, USS Lone Star =-

The Insignia-refit Lone Star was made for the long haul. Each station had a seat, a good one: brushed Vetivian cotton along the beige-grey spectrum. A seat that, literally, remembered the configuration of each officer and adjusted itself to their weight and gait. Upon…

» Define Gate. [Felix, Casparo]

Mission: Admiralgate.
Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 @ 8:40pm by Captain Felix de l'Isle & Commander Casparo Zolog

The Lone Star was by now fitted out with key personnel, most of whom were working fluidly as an ensemble or had been persuaded to do so through frights and threatenings. There was one niggling, colossal, overly smooth exception to this fluidity: Casparo Zolog.

Weeks after the man had boarded…

» SD241902.13—Two Aye See. [Casparo]

Mission: Legend of the Lone Star.
Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 5:57pm by Commander Casparo Zolog

-= Starfleet Command, San Francisco =-

Of course, not all of the sons of Zolog practised psychotherapy.

Casparo Zolog stood taller than his peers at the presentation of the Crimson Sphere. He gleamed with accomplishment and efficiency and grooming and all the things Starfleet officers were supposed to be. He…

» Tail End of the Party

Mission: Legend of the Lone Star.
Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 7:10am by Ensign Burgundy

The dinner had turned into a party. At least it appeared so to Burgundy, though he wasn't sure when it had happened. He was, however, sure about the fact that he was standing up, as were the others. Well, he was reasonably sure that he was standing up, anyway. The…